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10 Facts Everyone Should Know About Prosperity Miracles Review

Unlimited cheatfree Cash App Money Generator 2023 New Year Version 2023

Salvation in Christ Jesus. YouTube iTunes Google Play. Agree and Join LinkedIn. You can also set up your own website using a CMS like WordPress and integrate WooCommerce to set up the store. Census, there were 334,229,745 people alive in the U. Above all, this sowed a seed of dream for me to one day run a business that manifests both the King and the Cross. If you are knowledgeable in a certain field and like teaching, try selling online courses. So, now that we have figured out the U. Easily make money by completing surveys, giving opinions, testing services,. What is a1857 flying egal penny worth.

What Make Prosperity Miracles Review Don't Want You To Know

Earnest Money

Nevertheless, the question “What is money. Streaming platforms like Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook offer partner programs, allowing streamers to accept ad revenue and tips from their audience. But if you can clear your balance each month, then they could be worth it. As you’re carrying out this task, you’ll be thinking out loud to give the company insights into what it’s like for a consumer to use their website. However, you might have to meet certain requirements to do some types of side hustles such as driving or delivery. Cash App Money Hack is easy to use and requires no special skills to use. Earnest money is made as an initial prepayment in the sale process. Companies are using Instagram influencers — people with large, dedicated followings on the platform — to rep their products.

Who Else Wants To Know The Mystery Behind Prosperity Miracles Review?

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Money does not need to be “backed” by anything; it only needs these properties to have value. So I patiently waited and when it got the the one week mark I started to get a little antsy but to surprise out of no where my PayPal notification popped up you have money as I checked it it REALLY was the money from make money app. These illegal funds need to be disguised as being legitimately obtained, so that criminals can access them without detection and reprisal from relevant authorities. You also need to find clients. If you click on a link in this story we may earn affiliate revenue. Investing in stocks can be a way to make money quickly, but it’s not without risk, especially if you’re inexperienced. You might get some or all of that $25,000 after the bank liquidates its assets. Once you have some experience, you can start to pitch clients on your own and increase your rates accordingly. Guess there was a coffee can full of coins. Another factor that will affect how much money you make per video is the type of ads you allow on your channel. For example, ThredUp checks items for pilling, fading, shrinkage, missing parts like buttons and stains. Upwork and Fivver require users to be at least 18 to sell work.

Prosperity Miracles Review Hopes and Dreams

Bottom Line: 1998 S Lincoln Memorial Cent Close AM

He had no experience and had never used a computer. Celebrated for his impressive kickboxing career and infamous for his controversial views, Tate has become an influential figure in the virtual realm. I don’t tend to use a camera app for most of my coin photos; I use macro lens on a Canon for many of those; so, I’m not sure what to suggest without personal experience. E money can also be issued by electronic money institutions and by what are known as registered issuers. Artificial intelligence company DeepMind Technologies was started in 2010 with Musk as a key investor. Decide whether you want to rent your space full time, part time, or just when you’re away traveling. I found my identity in my job and my ability to provide, not in God. Beware though, this is a popular coin for counterfeiters. To get a general idea of what you’re worth, check the going rate for your position on sites such as PayScale, Salary and Glassdoor. Advertisers want to ensure the site featuring their ads is reputable and relevant to their niche. Charles Schwab Investment Management, Inc. Elon Musk’s dedication and work ethic are evident in his demanding schedule. Each state maintains its own unclaimed money database you can search for free. You can click on the ‘unsubscribe’ link in the email at anytime. Most MMAs allow you to make up to six transactions or write up to three checks a month. Storemates puts you in touch with storage hunters. This can help lower the overall risk of losing money but that could reduce the extent of your potential gains, because diversification acts to even out the size of losses and gains. Rumors have circulated that a portion of the family’s wealth came from partial ownership of a Zambian emerald mine. The car company is thought to be worth more than $1 trillion. If you’re hoping to make a little extra cash, you can do so from home.

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4 Open accounts at several banks

If you have a successful YouTube channel you could apply for the YouTube Partner Programme to monetise your videos. Thinking of taking that next big step. You can earn cash online from people watching the content you create through advertising revenue. Usually, you get your earnest money back when it’s not your fault the deal fell through, like the home failing the inspection. Actually, this is a marketplace where the more unique and specialized your skills, the more you can charge. However, you might struggle to get noticed if you’re a smaller creator. Print on demand POD allows artists and creators to customize white label products with their own designs without the need to hold inventory. Total time: Depends on your market demand. Luckily, you have more options than you think. This diverse range of income streams has allowed him to leverage his online influence into substantial financial gains. Use a third party service. What’s even better is the $10 bonus you can get for signing up and giving it a try. Simply because few students reach the personal tax free income allowance each year. Find out more about saving money on your subscriptions. You can buy and sell suspended, expired, registered, and unregistered domain names based on their popularity, keywords, or domain rating. And if you don’t yet have an idea in mind, this list will spark ideas for making money online—no matter your skill level.

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Tools like Hostinger AI Writer, ChatGPT, Bard, and Jasper can help generate informative content and speed up editing. When you value what God values, he will go out of his way to get resources to you. All financial products, shopping products and services are presented without warranty. Tawny specializes in developing and implementing comprehensive financial plans that provide clients the best opportunity to achieve their cash flow, investment, insurance, and estate planning goals. Juno seeks to save you money with better rates on student loans by using collective bargaining. For example, you could save a smaller initial amount and siphon it off slowly using pension drawdown, allowing the fund to continue growing though this is never guaranteed, as with any investment. This article is excellent and very informative. I always love finding old coins in pocket change, even though the vast majority of the ones I find are worth little more than face value. You can create a profile on HouseSitter. Money App – Cash and Rewards App. It’s stressful when you need to make money fast to pay a bill or buy something you need, but you do have options. I’m also in need of money. Any portion of the order not immediately completed is canceled. Yes, you can transfer money from a linked bank account to your Venmo balance. Usually, off center errors increase in value once the strike is about 10 to 20 percent off. Growing up, most people dream of being famous. Undoubtedly one of the most enigmatic business figures of our era, Elon Musk’s net worth comes down to his ground breaking ventures and repeated success in scaling up innovative businesses. 15, depending on the bank’s conditions. We understand that money can be overwhelming, so we’ve put together helpful articles and easy to follow guides to help you feel financially confident. Amen, am delivered in Jesus name. Learn more in our full disclaimer. You can start making money online as early as today. This polarization further fuels the debates surrounding him and contributes to his ongoing notoriety. It must also meet other requirements, such as year, physical condition, etc. Other cars in his extensive collection include a Rolls Royce Wraith, an Aston Martin DBS, a BMW M5 Competition, a Mercedes B63, a Porsche GTStreet, a Lamborghini Huracán EVO Spyder, and a McLaren 765LT. ” If God wants us rich, and we say that it’s better for us to be poor, then we’re calling Him a liar, and we’ve raised ourselves above Him.

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How can I make $300 a day online?

If you decide to add more cards later, just follow the prompts to update your linked cards. It’s not a very common occurrence, but when a bank does fail, account holders may be left with some worry and uncertainty about what will happen to their deposits as well as their account information and how they can move forward. How long do standard transfers take. Similar services include Mercari, ThredUp, Depop, and The RealReal. Amazon isn’t just a platform for ecommerce. Yet when I talked to Gonzales he was like a child hearing the ice cream truck, or a man newly in love. Maybe it is a double strike. Nice 1862 Indian Head cent. So how much does YouTube pay. You don’t have to be highly qualified to tutor younger GCSE or even A Level students. Never do anything you are not comfortable with, no matter how much money is offered. In a version of gift card scams, they might ask you to refund them through gift cards instead of Cash App. How fast you’ll get paid: A few days after a job. Normally they’re just a few percentage points, but the cash can add up to good money over time. You can buy vintage or collectible items and then sell them. Once you’ve filled in all the fields, be sure to detach the receipt. 50%Annual Percentage Yield APY is accurate as of 10/12/2023. It’s how we make money. So, if you’re looking for inspiration and lessons in innovation, MrBeast’s rise to fame provides plenty of them. Without these, the deposit will be forfeited if, during the inspection, the buyer can’t get funding or a significant defect is found. Ready to start looking for an engagement ring. This is a much more significant amount compared to the total money in the stock market, which is a mere $95 trillion. The prominent design on the reverse is of a wreath surrounding the words “One Cent,” which is why the coins are referred to as Wreath cents. $1 monthly membership fee. We want to give your people a bunch of subprime loans,” Jacobson told me.

The Best 10 Examples Of Prosperity Miracles Review

Post Regular Videos

Sponsored YouTube videos are popular among big and up and coming creators alike. Instead, when you slip into those feelings of stress, anxiety, and anger, take five deep breaths and remember that your thoughts aren’t facts — think about five things you’re grateful for and let the feelings go. Its enduring popularity is due to its enjoyable gameplay and ability to bring people together for a good time. Download the application. In the meantime, start building your store with a free 3 day trial of Shopify. It’s important to find somewhere safe that can attract as many potential bidders as possible. You can get paid weekly or daily. 018 for each view earned. Hey Vincent,Great list of sites. Com along with Harris Fricker, Christopher Payne, and Ed Ho. Simple as that you can leverage the power of YouTube Shorts wihtout doing anything extra. » MORE: Learn how required minimum distributions work. Student loan calculator. They have different insurance coverage and may have different fees, withdrawal restrictions, yields, minimums, and features. Best online outlet stores. The Financial Action Task Force FATF Secretariat is currently coordinating a project to draft a paper outlining the links between corruption and money laundering that may facilitate the implementation of international AML/CFT standards. Chelsea injury update: Christopher Nkunku, Romeo Lavia and Cole Palmer latest news and return dates. Imagine if you actively engage with your 1000 followers and turn a good percentage of them into potential customers, it will surely boost your business’ sales. Remember to shamelessly promote your merch through your videos and other social media platforms, including the link to your website in your video descriptions and captions. Find a Qualified Financial Advisor Looking for the right advisor for you. It even offers a handy tool to help you calculate your insurance coverage. And Garay preaches an unusually pure version of the gospel.

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$5; free for premium checking customers. It could be a car, scooter or bike, depending on the service. Once you make a profile and fill it with important information on the pet sitting app of your choice, you can accept pet sitting and dog walking requests from potential clients immediately. TutorMe hires tutors in more than 300 subjects and pays $16 an hour. This paper explains how people have been financially exploited, which has led to loss of “Faith” and lack of personal economic security. Generally, money orders can be purchased for any amount up to a certain number. Coming halfway through the gospel, it is sandwiched between two “I am” statements: “I am the gate” v. Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome. Source: MrBeast Store on YouTube. What do you see on the reverse of the 1959 dime. You can also deposit and withdraw money from both accounts whenever you want since there isn’t a time limit for keeping your money in either account to earn a return. Engaging in TikTok’s Partner Program is a great way to monetize your content and earn money from your work on the platform. And it all starts with shifting your Belief. The Chime Visa® Debit Card is issued by The Bancorp Bank, N. Wherever you go, you’ll simply ask the cashier for a money order. However, this does not influence our evaluations. Thiel and Musk weren’t injured in the crash. As you might imagine, this isn’t necessarily a quick way to make money.

2 Delegate and de risk

Just enjoy your money. “Toloka is easy to use and intuitive. It may be easier to focus on one nation at a time. When evaluating offers, please review the financial institution’s Terms and Conditions. Has a eagle on one side and a wheat picture with ine cent on the other. The market for drones is expanding. Quick note: Apex Legends is a free to play battle royale hero shooter game. They take a small cut of any sales in return for connecting you with customers. You need an eligible car in good condition and must agree to a background check and a review of your driving history. Also consider allowing customers to customize each order to their specifications. If your pictures are high quality, there’s a chance that you can get paid for them. Earnest money deposits may range from 1% to 2% of the home’s price. YouTube Shorts is YouTube’s latest innovation that allows content creators to make short form videos. For example, a blog about procrastination, cars, dropshipping, toys, etc. You just need to know where to look.

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Handcrafted in 14k white gold, this is ideal for the woman who wants to make a simple, unfussy declaration of love and loyalty. Uber Eats now offers another way to deliver food and make money driving. Follow @savethestudent to see when our next one is. These sites offer opportunities to do a variety of freelance jobs, such as writing, programming, design, marketing, data entry and being a virtual assistant. Alternately, wire transfers are a relatively safe alternative, as are peer to peer transfers like Sigue App. These channels found and built their audiences first, before launching their own merchandise. “Don’t get discouraged. Unlike a check, a money order doesn’t contain sensitive information like account numbers or routing numbers.

My online portal says my funds should be available already, but they’re not in my bank account

Starting a side hustle might sound daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. For rates and fees of the Amex EveryDay® Credit Card, click here. Once linked, choose it as the payment method in Venmo. When agreeing to work with an influencer, they typically do so through licensing agreements. The site also offers several virtual and online tasks, such as helping with a research project or data entry. Money is made on Instagram through sponsored posts, shoutouts, affiliate links, selling products as well. Weekly deals, guides + free cheat sheet. Set a small, achievable short term goal for something that’s fun and goes beyond your monthly budget, such as a new smartphone or holiday gifts. But how much does YouTube pay per view. Sell unused gift cards on Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace or eBay. You may be wondering how much Monopoly money is in a box. Additional information can be found at. We do not sell specific rankings on any of our “best of” posts or take money in exchange for a positive review. Similar to Private Label, selling wholesale involves purchasing bulk quantities of product to resell on Amazon. Own a bicycle, motorbike or car. Mechanical Turk often pays with Amazon gift cards. Fiverr matches creatives with one off projects. Still unsure if an opportunity is legit. Everyone from students to recent retirees can make money by watching other people’s children.

The Prosperity Gospel: A Critique of the Way the Bible is Used

If asked for a marketing piece, send one. For a better idea, consider getting a professional valuation. Before initiating or completing a bank transfer, find out how much the transfer costs and how long it will take to determine the best route. Yup—it turns out, social media can actually come in handy. Thanks for these prayers. A traditional way of transferring money between banks is by writing a check and depositing it either at a bank branch, online, through a mobile app or by mail. It is necessary for developing efficient accounting systems like double entry bookkeeping. There is no such thing as a Cash App Hack Money Generator. Starting a podcast is one of the most profitable online business ideas, with the number of global podcast listeners reaching 464. Actors are not EAG clients. If accepted, you can access a variety of sponsorship opportunities and collaborations with brands. If you don’t have a car, visit Hyrecar. Please contact Financial Aid for the most up to date information. One detail many people are consistently unsure of, though.

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Earnest money can be called, in many respects, a deposit on a property, an escrow deposit, or money of goodwill. Being a creator on Instagram is not just about the content you publish but also about your relationship with your followers. Get your creative juices flowing to figure out how you could make the new TikTok Series feature work for your creative business. Double up your opportunities by directly contacting local takeaways and bigger chains like Dominos to see if they have any delivery jobs going. 3 If your annual income and student loan debt are both on par with the national averages, then you could pay off more than one quarter of your student loans with the amount you might otherwise spend on a ring. Clickfor Full IndexThe Power of ThoughtDivine AdjustmentDynamic ThoughtWithin You is the PowerThe Life of The Spirit. This business model allows you to earn a living by promoting other brands. Because of that concentration, Musk has lost billions this year—nearly $90 billion, according to data from Bloomberg. Making the world smarter, happier, and richer. You won’t get a separate debit card or an investment account like Cash App offers. What did we learn from our mini experiment. CerealOverdrive 1 point2 points3 points 6 months ago 1 child. Wealth is obtained by hard work over time. As well as the amount you’re sending, you’ll also need to pay a fee for the order itself – probably just a few dollars, but this will depend on each case. Yes can you please tell me about 1969 penny with a floating roof on memorial building, and no FG initals on it. It looks like the doubling is confined to the date only. Gather facts and data that support your request for a raise, and prepare to show how you’re an asset to the company. “I can’t invade countries and stuff. Furthermore, the country’s residents accept the dollar as a medium of exchange because it is well known and offers more stable purchasing power than local money. As a result, the Federal Reserve plays a key role in determining how much money exists in the U. Normally, you’d have to pay tax on any earnings over the personal allowance for basic tax payers, which is £12,570 for the current tax year running from April 6, 2023 to April 5, 2024.

100 Lessons Learned From the Pros On Billionaire Brain Wave

How to Start a YouTube Channel and Make Money: Beginner’s Guide

Cook food for a party or event. As your blog grows, you will be able to monetize it using other strategies as well. There are a few ways to make money on YouTube. But similar to online survey sites, you aren’t building anything valuable in the long run. We will always share our sincere opinions, and we are selective when choosing which companies to partner with. How easy to start: If you’re already familiar with AI tools, it will be easier to get started. Have a look at RAM, an organisation dedicated to life models. Once you start building your audience, you can start selling to them. Yonna has a lot of great videos, and she teaches people about graphic design. LifeSearch Partners Ltd is registered in England and Wales to 3000a Parkway, Whiteley, Hampshire, PO15 7FX, company number 03412386. Next, think about some brands that align with your online branding and existing audience. Effort level: Minimal. This is where the Branded Content toggle becomes your best friend. ArtStation’s art marketplace lets artists earn up to 95% from sales. After clicking a prominent button on your profile page, Instagram directs users to a seamless experience for shoppers to browse and buy your products. If you’re unable to work, have a full time job or are maybe a stay at home parent, there are loads of things you can do to earn some extra money. As a content creator, you can make a difference in people’s lives by entertaining or informing them. But if you put in the hard work, it can be an extremely rewarding experience both financially and personally. Once you feel like you’ve learned it, then pay an expert for 15 minutes of their time to answer your questions to fill in the gaps. Brands will contact you to brainstorm creative ideas, produce videos, and more. The bigger your follower count is, the more money you can make. Because of the program’s success, partner merchants pay Venmo a fee to be part of it. You can find out more below, but it’s where you can rub virtual shoulders with brands and potential collaborators. Then, you are eligible for the tips. You can sign up for companies like UserTesting and get paid up to $20 for every website you test. As ironic as it may sound, Musk doesn’t get a salary or bonus from Tesla.

10 Questions On Billionaire Brain Wave

How to Make Money Fast: 10 Real Ways to Make Money Quickly Want to make extra money ASAP? Check out this breakdown of 10 ways to make money fast to get inspired and start earning quickly

Just as you selected a strategic blog niche, you’ll also want to choose strategic topics to write about. Most games also have the option to open paid crates to win rare skins and items within the game. Sadly, this age old question has one infuriating answer: it depends. And the rest of the world. 💡 Want to see examples of other food businesses in action. Whether you’re selling your used clothes on a local marketplace site, creating merch to sell to your TikTok fans, or starting a business from a place of passion, there are tools to help. Regulations also stipulate minimum levels of liquid assets for banks and prescribe stable, longer term funding sources. Does it allow investment in company stocks. Read our Bitcoin guide which explains everything you need to know. The best thing about babysitting in the afternoons is that usually, you can study or do other remote work at the same time if the kids don’t require full time attention. The following data may be used to track you across apps and websites owned by other companies. These figures highlight the exceptional financial success of Elon Musk, whose relentless drive and innovative mindset have propelled him to the top of the global business scene. We started with one post. In Stream videos play right before the YouTube user’s selected video, “in the stream” of that chosen video.

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Use Keywords and Hashtags

MyPoints: Earn money by taking surveys for MyPoints. Since then, Tesla’s stock split caused a massive 720% growth. You’ll have to agree to follow all of YouTube’s monetization policies and live in a country or region where the YPP is available. You may be able to withdraw donation revenue rather quickly, depending on the payout method. These apps are designed to get you fast cash, paid directly to your bank account. ‘Dhindora’ is being produced by Bhuvan Bham for YouTube Originals. However, this is an easy way to get gift cards to your favorite stores for future purchases. We’ve developed our platformto ensure that your privacy is always protected to the best of our ability. It could be a car, scooter or bike, depending on the service. And both Uber and Lyft pay every week, though getting paid even faster for a small fee is possible. Look for the “Account Settings” screen. How do you build trust. If you have multiple credit cards with outstanding balances, you could consolidate several credit card accounts into one credit card. You’ll drive to and from restaurants, drop off food at delivery locations, and watch your app for delivery jobs as they ping you. For many, the Internet is the perfect opportunity to make a little extra cash. Bieber aside, how much money do YouTubers make. That depends on how much people like your designs and the effort you put into marketing your range. Com, which became PayPal after merging with Confinity in 2000. His dedication and innovation have enabled him to consistently add to his wealth, solidifying his status as one of the most influential and accomplished individuals in the business world. Well, there are a variety of different ways that you can start earning on the platform, most of which revolve around creating compelling video content. How fast you’ll get paid: Monthly. Yes, you have several opportunities for making money on Audible, from earning commissions promoting and selling audiobooks and memberships to creating your own audiobooks as a writer or narrator. Plus, some of you guys love gardening, and I envy you that.

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How to Make Money Online – Video Tutorial

But you don’t have to stick with consignment stores; services such as Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist also allow you to sell your belongings without a middleman, though it may take more time to vet buyers, and you may receive more lowball offers. Browse the map or view the job listings to see what tasks are available near you. You could also use other factors to charge, like the design’s complexity and whether you have done business with that author before. Com to help you land some babysitting jobs. Considering how many people looking to make money online need money now, this isn’t surprising. The Bloomberg Billionaires Index shows Musk’s net worth at $172 billion. Without further ado, below you will find a list of some of the best and easiest ways to make money on the YouTube platform without making videos. Have a look at Wesser for current opportunities. Setup: Can be a bit involved. Considering the digital trends in 2023, CDs and DVDs are less likely to be sought after by buyers. The platform on which you choose to sell your course will influence your strategy for earning money online. Selling your plasma is one of the classic side hustles that pays you cash. When you’re in the YPP program, you get granular, per video control over which content is monetized. They can earn from the amount of commission that the owners chose. You’ll communicate your ideas and feedback to the entrepreneur through a video while navigating their website or app. All of this means there are a whole lot of ways to make money from pet blogs. Market your services through your own website or an online tutoring platform. Though, to account for the fact that not all viewers will watch the ad or at least the first 30 seconds of the ad, they suggest that the average RPM is anything from $3 to $5. Set the price and see if it sells. And Nickelytics says most of its drivers earn between $175 and $250 per month, though some campaigns may pay up to $500. These types of perks are typically limited to people with millions of followers, but not in this case. Yet it’s a great way to earn extra money over the summer. You can reach out to online publications in your niche and pitch ideas for guest posts. It’s designed to get more information about how people consume media, what they watch and listen to and what devices they use. Each time a viewer makes a purchase through the links, the channel makes a commission off the sale. Read this detailed 4 step guide for writing an ebook and making money.

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6 Get Paid To Watch Netflix

Going back to the first $100,000 project I sold – up until this point, I had always undersold myself and my expertise, because I was afraid that I wouldn’t get the project. These numbers show that ultimately your RPM will make a huge difference. You have a wealth of options when it comes to what to sell. Now, if you’re unsure, or if no niche comes to mind right away, that’s OK. I have a business blog that isn’t getting traffic, how can I get traffic to my new WordPress site. Buying and selling websites are conceptually simple. It might sound too good to be true, but dropshipping is a viable business model and a great way to make money online. Familiarize yourself with Audible’s submission requirements for smooth processing. One of the best ways to find freelancing jobs is to use a major platform like Fiverr or Upwork. This is different from Google Adsense, which only allows you to display general ads. You can work when and where you want to—you can even start making money today. Com and Varsity Tutors offer opportunities to connect with students all over the world who are in need of help with their education. If you sign up on a local website, you can agree to meet the buyer in person. Cash back credit cards can earn you hundreds of dollars a year and thousands of dollars over time if you use them strategically. Setup: Can take a few weeks to be approved. Similarly, Trademore pays out within five business days of receiving and confirming the item, via PayPal or a virtual Mastercard gift card. Finally, market your app and monetize it.

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Certificates of Deposit CDs

You can reach her at and subscribe to our free Daily Money newsletter for personal finance tips and business news every Monday through Friday morning. He then knocks on the door and offers to clean up the yard for a small fee. If every post features photos of different bags, for instance, your followers will eventually get bored. And they buy a lot more than cell phones. With the changing landscape of social media, TikTok has taken the world by storm, and the perks of being a TikTok influencer are enticing. How fast you’ll get paid: Two days to a week. It can also earn you extra money. From freelance writing to setting up your own online store, there are plenty of legitimate ways to make money online. 🚀 Level up: Try using QR codes in your house manual to sell products seen in your home throw pillows or scented hand soap via affiliate links. These five time tested design principles above will be immensely helpful in constructing an appealing blog layout that’s easy for readers to digest, from the moment to learn to how to start a blog. Put your talents and interests to use by becoming an audiobook narrator.

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7 Transcribe for Cash

If you take a look at your closet, there is a good chance that there are clothes in there that you have not worn for more than a year. For example, if you have any jewelry, instruments or new electronics, you can get a pawnshop loan, which averages $150. However, if you can create a stand out podcast and attract listeners, Audible has a royalty share program where you can earn a percentage of the Ad Sales that your show generates. 🚀 Level up: Start your own pet business by setting up a website and selling your services and pet related goods online. Or, you could sign up to drive for a company like Uber or Lyft. 5 star rating from Trustpilot and thousands of great customer reviews, you can’t go wrong with Branded Surveys. Remember, persistence is the key to turning your TikTok passion into a profitable venture. Some creators can collect gifts during a live stream. ClickBank is a popular affiliate program offering 1% to 90% commission, depending on what the vendor sets. Don’t forget to market your course. Both offer multiple opportunities to earn money and grow your commission. In addition to using freelance platforms, you can also advertise your skills in private communities such as Discord servers and Facebook Groups. If you’re worried about taking a pay cut by starting over in IT, then you’re in luck, because one of the benefits of working in the technology industry is its competitive salaries, even at the entry level. You can sign up for a service like Amazon Mechanical Turk and start completing micro tasks. You can sign up to global sites like waywithwords. A post shared by Chosen Foods @chosenfoods.

4 Ways You Can Grow Your Creativity Using Billionaire Brain Wave

Paid Sponsorship

Here are 30 ways how you can make money online today from the comfort of your home. Share local stories and facts. By working with brands and companies to create content that features their products or services, you can get paid for the promotion of their business on your account. Digital products are media that can be sold repeatedly online. ” He makes away above what most people earn in a week or month. It’s easy to buy and sell a website. Android is a trademark of Google Inc. “‘Infamy Is Kind of Fun’: Grimes on Music, Mars, and Her Secret New Baby with Elon Musk. And don’t forget to add your store’s link to your video descriptions, and include end screens and cards with compelling calls to action. Theoretically, you can make money with any number of Instagram followers. Every time someone clicks the ad, you make money. Tamara is a digital marketing enthusiast and an avid WordPress user. Disney spent a reported $460 million to create and promote the movie, according to Variety. At this point the hard work begins of attracting reviews and promoting your audiobook on your own podcast or website if you have one, social channels, email newsletters, or whatever platforms you have at your disposal. But how much do YouTubers make. That can add up pretty fast. Despite having funds to spare, Musk isn’t a fan of lavish vacations — or any vacations for that matter. Whenever someone completes a sale through that link, you collect a commission. Just like forums, you will have to spend some time building a sizable community. What if we told you that you could actually make money from all that time you spend on the app. Simply because few students reach the personal tax free income allowance each year. This is interesting and I will like to subscribe. Never miss a beat on the app. You’ll also need to meet the requirements of any affiliate network. You’ll see mention of CPM and play back based CPM. Just beware of scams and do thorough research before signing on. For an easy start with wholesaling, you can check out this list of 100 wholesale items to sell from home. However, there is a new way to offer premium paid content.

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 Novi – Piloti qe la gjurme mbi valet e detit Adriatik

(Nje monografi mes kundershtish)

Emrin e plote e kishte Ivanov. Novi i flisnin me perkedheli:  shoket, fmiljaret dhe gjithe sa e njohen. Babai i Tij –  Haxhiu ishte officer i Ushtrise Popullore.  Nene Asija dhe Baba Haxhiu,  prinderit Tij biologjike ishin autoktone,  nga fshati Val i rrethit te Skraparit.  Mbiemri Meta s’eshte vec nje koincidence e rastit.

Novi,  i  mbetur jetim nga Nena qe ne femijerine e hereshme,   u rrit bonjak ( pa Nene ).  Ai u rrit e u brumos me frymen e kohes dhe me traditat e treves.  Ne keta kushte Novi u formua:  i mbare,  i zgjuar,  i shkathet,  me shtat si kavak,  i dashur me njerezit,  serioz e trim i cartur.  Fakti qe nuk i shijoi ledhat e Nenes Biologjike,  as ne femijeri,  kur kiishte shume nevoje per to,  e beri Novin disi te mbyllur e deri – diku te ashper.  Jeta u suall ashper me Te  e i mori Nenen,  gjene me te shtrenjte per nje femije.

Duke pare e duke cmuar tiparet vitale te te birit dhe prirjet e Tij,  Baba Haxhiu e dergoi Ivanovin ne Shkollen e Mesme Ushtarake  „ Skenderbej “me qellim qe te ndricohej e te kalitej me tej dhe te behej nje oficer cilesor,  si Ai. Kater  vitet e Novit ne shkollen „ elite “ e cila mbante emrin  e te lavdishmit Gjergj Kastriot „Skenderbe “ e zhvilloi dhe e kaliti Ate fizikisht,  e poqi dhe e burreroi menderisht.  Novit,  qe kur ishte femije i kishte lindur ideja te cante qiellin,  si zogjte fluturake.  Novi ishte i lindur per t’u bere pilot.  Endrra femijerore e tij mori krahe vetem ne vitin e larget 1967.   Pas kryerjes me sukses te shkolles te mesme,  Ivanovi u ul ne katedrat e Shkolles te Larte te Aviacionit ne Vlore,  ku do te behej pilot.  Ne kete shkolle te vetme,  Novi,  ne katedrat mesimore,  mori njohurite e para aerodinamike dhe,  me pas iu nenshtrua pergatitjes ne toke ( gati 2 jave ),  nen drejtimin e instruktorit te teknikes te pilotimit.  Ishin percaktuar grupet e fluturimit dhe nisi pergatitja e detajuar per te mesuar procesin e veshtire te pergatitjes ajrore qe nga futja ne kabine deri tek dalja prej saj.  Para se te niste pergatitja ne toke,  u percaktuan grupet e fluturimit dhe instruktoret e teknikes se pilotimit.  Nisjes te fluturimeve u parapriu hedhja me parashute e studenteve per pilote,  si nje  domosdoshmeri profesionale.

Novit i erdhi ne ndihme fati kur e caktuan te kishte instruktor te teknikes se pilotimit,  permetarin nga Kajca,  babaxhanin kokeplote Isa Arapaj,  nga i cili kishte cfare te mesonte. Isai ishte jo vetem “mjeshter ”  i pilotimit,  por dhe njeri me horizont e kulture  te gjere,  tipare te cilat i vinin per hosh djaloshit simpatik nga Vali i Skraparit.  Novi nuk ishte nga   studentet e rendomte,  te cilet,  i quajne te mjaftueshme njohurite qe moren ne katedrat mesimore te shkolles se aviacionit,  dhe nga studimi i instruksioneve e rregullores te fluturimit,  por lexonte shume,  ne Shqip e ne Rusisht dhe tentonte te futej ne thellesi te dukurive  ajrore.  Kur nisi te fluturonte,  Novit,  per ato cka lexonte ne leteraturen aeronautike,  kerkonte ti provonte ne aeroplan.  Njohja e mire e Gjuhes Ruse,  i lejonte Novit te njihej me pervojen boterore te aeronautikes  dhe me dukurite e vecanta qe vepronin ne avion,  kur ai cante ajrin e ne evolucionet qe kryente.  Theksoj se Gjuhen Ruse,  Ivanovi e kishte pervetesuar ne rruge autodidakte.

Kete shkrim e kam  nisur  disa here.  Duke e menduar gjene,  ne te gjitha anet,  me inat,  me veten time  ne  radhe te pare dhe me kohen,  ia nisa rishtaz e ne nje menyre te vecante.  Nuk deshiroj te harrohet nje talent i lindur per te fluturuar dhe nje guximtar i rralle,  si Ai.  Nese jeni kurioze ta dini te verteten,  perse ia nisa rishtaz te shkruarit te kesaj historie,  po ua rrefej,  me ciltersi: Kembengulja per te shkruar doemos,  e ka motivin fare te thjeshte: Ai eshte kryesisht human.  Ivanovi nuk njihet nga mjaft aviacioniste,  nga ata qe jane futur vone ne vallen e fluturimeve.  Ata te pakte,  te cilet e kane njohur  „heroin “ e ketij shkrimi po „firojne “dita – dites.  Nje takem druhen ta pranojne ose duan ta harrojne ate ndodhi.  Mendova: Perse te mos njihet,  ca me teper;  a e meriton harresen nje dukuri e rralle. Nje bashkekohes i ij,  dikur shkruante: „ Novi ishte pilot i dalluar dhe disi „ rrebel “.  Disa druhen ta kujtojne,  sikur te ishte nje enderr e frikshme,  per shkak se Novi u lincua per gati 6 muaj.  Ishte nder te paktet pilote qe u lincuan  per thyerje te disiplines ajrore.  E pagoi shtrenjte te qenit trim i cartur.  Me ciltersi,  kerkoj nje prononcim nga ata qe kane mbajtur ne dore dorezen e drejtimit te aeroplanit dhe i kane dhene perpara dorezes te gazit:  Cili syresh,  kur ka qene i ri e ne nisje te karrieres,  nuk ka provuar te thyeje disiplinen ajrore, duke fluturuar ulet,  mbi fshatin e tij ose mbi catite e shtepive te te dashurave?

  E dhe sikur te beje be e rrufe  dikush,  per mendimin tim nje pergjigje negative do te ishte e pavertete.  Nje kolegu yne,  ne vitet e para  shkonte ne fshatin e tij, fluturonte  ulet dhe i hidhte gazeta e revista Babit te tij qe ruante bagetite.  Nje djale nga Progonati,  kaloi brejushi ( fluturim kosites ) me nje aeroplan reaktiv mbizanor,  me dy motorre,  mbi Tirane te Re kur synonte te fejohej me te bijen e Xhemalit. Nga uterima e aeroplanit,  kandidatja per nuse e cila po qeraste mysafiret e i ra tabakaja nga duart.  Nje student,  i cili orvatej te fejohej me nje deli vajze,  ne Fier,  kur fluturonim ne cift,  m’u lut te fluturonim ulet mbi taracat e banesave ne bulevardin kryesor te Fierit,  kurse,  mbi shkollen e vjeter te Maminaasit,  nje pilot fluturoi ulet,  duke flakur tjegullat e catise per te zbatuar ritin e sivellait te tij,  i cili,  ate dite nuk ishte ne plantabelen e fluturimit.  Jam kurioz te di,  cili nuk ka shkuar mbi fshatin e tij,  kur ishte i sapodiplomuar,  per t’u krekosur perpara bashkefshatareve?  Rastet jane pa fund e sejcili ka pervojen e vet ne kete ceshtje.

Kur u gjykua ndodhia,  kam qene pjesemarres ne sallen e gjyqit,  ne kinemane e Regjimentit te Rinasit.

Ishin thirrur fluturues nga te gjithe repartet e aviacionit ( nga Qyteti “ Stalin;  nga Shkolla e Larte e Aviacionit;  nga Regjimenti i Helikoptereve,  nga Skuadrilja e Transportit ajror dhe nga Gjadri ).  U zhvillua gjyq „ shembullor “ si ata qe bente Katerina e Madhe e Rusise,  ne kohen e vet.  Te gjithe ishim dakort me vendimin e atij gjyqi,  por,  sejcili,  perbrenda sec ruante nje rezerve,  te cilen,  per shkak te situates nuk e shfaqte dot.  Ama,  vesh me vesh e midis shokeve te ngushte peshperitej.

Pervec lincimit,  Novi u privua dhe nga e drejta e fluturimit.  Ai e donte shume  ajrin,  aeroplanin dhe shoket.  Prandaj e puthi avionin,  per here te fundit  dhe mori persiper fajin, qe ne fillim.  Keshtu kishte bere dhe i paharruari Agim Nuredin Spahiu vite me pare,  kur e urdheruan te largohej nga Regjimenti „Peza ”. 

Penen time e ka frenuar dhe nje lloj opinioni,  te cilin do ta quaja egoist e konservator,  i cili,  ne kete rast nuk u deftua aspak human e tolerant.  Jo ne kurriz te disiplines e te rregulloreve,  por  te bazuar ne nje realitet qe flet,  pa ze.  Ne aviacion ka nje rregull te pashkruar por qe na bind ne drejtesine e tij. Piloti avancohet ne detyre ne vitet e pare te karrieres,  kur rinia e tij eshte aktive dhe portreti i tij zhvillohet vrullshem.  Tradita e kerkon qe fluturuesit te lidhen e te martohen shpejt,  rreth moshes 25 vjec.  Ky kufi moshe eshte variabel dhe,  ne fund te fundit eshte ceshtje shansi e vetjake.  Keshtu ngjau dhe me Ivanovin,  i cili u caktua instruktor i teknikes se pilotimit,  kur nuk kishte shume kohe qe ishte diplomuar pilot gjuajtes – bombardues dhe u caktua t’u jepte fluturime treneruese edhe piloteve te diplomuar por qe kishin kohe pa fluturuar.  Perballe opinionit jodashamires dhe frenues,  me duhet ta ashpersoj tonin duke shprehur nje mellef: ” Kush e paska vrare ariun e ne nuk e paskemi ditur qe ti thurnim osanara?   Te moshuarve vertet u pelqen ti lavderosh,  por kjo nuk duhet te shkoje deri tek injorimi i te tjereve.  Nga historia kemi mesuar ti japim Qesarit ate qe eshte e tij.  Ndoshta rasti i prekjes te valeve te detit me „barkun „ e avionit,  sic ngjau me Novin ate dite,  mund te jete unik;  ngritja prap dhe ulja ne aerodromin e ngritjes ne tere historine e aviacionit boteror mund te jete rast i rralle,  ne mos i vetmi.  Asqe mund te vihet ne diskutim se ne kete rast,  fajtori i vetem ishte Ivanov Meta por kjo nuk do te thote te mos rrefejme te verteten ( ate te vertete qe di une,  e cila nuk eshte absolute dhe mund te kundershtohet nga ata qe dine te thone vetem „ Jo “ ).  E them kete mbasi,  si perhere,  para se te nisja per te shkruar terhoqa mendimin  dhe e pleqerova gjene me disa „ mjeshtra “ te fluturimit,  te cilet kane mbi shpatulla nje bagazh te gjere dhe e ndiejne uljen e aeeroplanit me te ndenjura.  E kam njohur pak ate djale capken e doja ta mbushja kete boshllek me mendimet e shokeve e kolegeve te tij.  Opinionet qe thitha,  sikur te jene vazhdim i njeri – tjetrit me sygjeruan se Novi,  edhe mbasi u ndalua nga fluturimi dhe kreu denimin,  ne funksione te tjere ku u caktua,  jashte aviacionit,  reflektoi te njejten figure te ndritur e te njejtin karakter,  te paster e te palekundur.  Kjo verteton edhe nje here se karakteri i njeriut mbetet po ai dhe se tiparet e figures se tij shfaqen ne pune e ne jete,  kudo,  pavaresisht se intensiteti mund te jete i ndryshem.

Si rezume e te gjithe opinioneve  del se Ivanov Meta kishte vlera shoqerore te spikatura, te cilat nuk mund te injorohen.  Nese do te perpiqesha te radhisja disa nga tiparet e karakterit te tij,  mund te thoja se Ai njeri ishte nje puinetor i papertuar,  i zgjuar e i shkathet,  zemermadh e zemergjere,  i dashur e i shkuar,  i thjeshte,  buzagaz e i cilter;  buzagazi i tij nuk mbaronte.  Nuk mund te thote njeri te kunderten se Novi ishte guximtar i rralle,  kerkues dhe kembengules per te gjetur te verteten.  Ne rrafsdhin social,  jane te shumte ata qe vertetojne se Ivanov Meta ishte gjiton i rreegullt,  dashamires e i gjendur,   prind i dhimbsur,  bashkeshort korrekt e njeri me shpirt sakrifice;  i gatshem per t’u shkuar ne ndihme njerezve ne nevoje. Dashamiresia e tij ishte e dukshme dhe e vertete.

 Natyra ishte treguar bujare dhe sa i takon fizikut te tij.  Novi ishte i larte ne shtat,  me trup elegant e muskuloz;  i pashem,  i shkathet e me tipare sportisti.  Uniformen e ushtarakut e pelqente;  me te ishte mesuar qyshse ishte skenderbegas,  petkat i kerkonte te ishin te pastra e kujdedsej shume per to;  kepucet e tij,  ne cdo kohe ndrinin e , ne to mund te shikoje veten si ne pasqyre.  Ne karakter ishte i drejte dhe i referohej gjithmone te vertetes;  madje edhe kur rrezikohej e percaktohej fati i tij i metejshem.  Kete e veshtrojme me se miri dhe qarte ne ndodhine e 19 korrikut te vitit 1973,  kur pas ngjarjes te njohur dhe kur avioni dyvendesh po shkonte ne ulje te detyruar ne aerodromin e ngritjes dhe Danja ( Ramadan Anija )  gjeti rastin ta pyeste: „ … Po tani,  o instruktor,  si do te bejme…?  Instruktor Novi,  u pergjigj: „… Dane:  defto vetem te verteten,  sic na ngjau…“!  Me thoni: A nuk kemi te bejme edhe ne kete rast me shperfaqjen e nje burrerie te karakterit te tij dhe me nje sinqeritet te paster?  Vertet ngjarja ishte e dukshme e fliste qarte,  por,  ne praktike ka patur dhe raste kur fajtori ka tentuar ti shpetoje pergjegjesise me lloj – lloj kamuflimesh e manovrash.   Pra,  Ivanovi nuk ishte dredharak por i drejtperdrejte.  Lejtmotivi i tij ishte shprehja e hershme: „ E bere dobicin,  dili per babe “ !

E kishte te qarte Novi se me ate qe beri,  nuk do te ngjitej me ne kabinen e aeroplanit,  prandaj,  kur doli nga kabina e zbriti shkallet  dhe pa se po e pritnin specialistet e lincimit me pranga ne duar,   para se ti vinin prangat, „ pritni pak u tha te njohurve “;   doli prane fundit te trupit te avionit,  e puthi duraluminin e qau,  ashtu si vite me pare veproi talenti i rralle,  Agim Spahiu,  ne Qytetin „ Stalin “. Ishte i sigurt Novi se nuk do ta linin te ngjitej me ne kabinen e aeroplanit,  ndaj e ndermori kete veprim te cuditshem.  E puthi duraluminin e ftohte me shume epsh e me dashuri,  sikur te kishte puthur nje te afermin e tij apo nje shok te ngushte.  Shok e cfare shoku,  besnik e te gjindur e konsideronte Novi aeroplanin dhe e dini perse?  Avioni i tij edhe kur Novit iu rrezikua seriozisht jeta,  si shok besnik,  e mbajti mbi shpine e i shpetoi jeten ( ashtu sic do te vepronte nje shok te cilit po i mbytet shoku e ai e merr ne shpine per ta cuar ne breg ).  Prandaj Ivanov Meta ishte i lidhur ngushte dhe e donte,  si veten,  mjetin fluturues,  te cilit i njihte „dhembe e dhemballe “.

Nje gje nuk mund te vihet ne diskutim:  Ivanov Meta,  si mjaft fluturake e ndjente veten ne kabinen e aeroplanit sikur te ishte ne shtepine e tij.  Ai kishte teknike pilotimi te perkryer gje qe i lejonte te bente dhe ndonje akrobaci si ajo e uljes mbi valet e detit,  duke patur vetebesim te tepruar  dhe ndjesine se cdo shmangje nga parametrat e caktuar,  mund ta ndreqte.  Por,  rasti u ndodh fatkeq dhe nuk i erdhi ne ndihme Novit;  perkundrazi e ndeshkoi rende.  Me ka ndodhur te lexoj per „pushkatime politike “ .  Sa isha i ri,  sloganin e kuptoja e nuk e kuptoja tamam.  Tani e kam me te qarte se nje lloj pushkatimi politik eshte dhe ta perjashtosh tjetrin nga te fuluturuarit,  ti heqesh atij te drejten per te bere ate qe di te beje me mire.

Kur terhoqa opinione per Novin,  per hir te se vertetes ndesha ne nje dukuri,  te cilen nuk e prisja. Mendoja se te gjithe opinionistet do te ishin te te njejtit mendim e do te shpreheshin pozitivisht per te por nuk ngjau keshtu.  Shumica e te pyeturve jo vetem qe ishin dashamires por me kritikuan,  me te drejte se jam i vonuar; se po shkruaj me vonese per ate njeri e pilot te vecante,  nga ata qe nuk eshte se na vijne prhere, duhet ta kisha per nder te shkruaja.  „ Do ti besh nder Novit,  te cilin e kam njohur e ruaj mendim te mire per Te “  –  me shkruan nje mik nga Newyorku.  „ Degjo zemren tende e mos pyet njeri “  me tha nje kokeplote,  etj. etj.

 Kishte dhe te tjere,  te cilet,  per shkaqe tebpabazuara,  me thane:  “ Cfare do te shkruash per Te ?  Ai ka sherbyer pak ne aviacion dhe e ka mbyllur karrieren me nje thyerje te rende te disiplines ajrore,  e cila i rrezikoi seriozisht jeten“. Pra, sipas tyre,  Novi kishte dhene nje shembull te keq,  i cili nuk duhet te ndiqej nga te tjeret.  Arsyetim i arsyeshem ky.  U prapsova,  por, vetem perkohesisht. Mendja me rrinte tek detyrimi njerezor per te gdhendur ate figure interesante.  U mendova shume e per nje kohe te gjate.  Nje mendje me thosh: ” Po mua,  c’me duhet te ngacmoj “ folene e grenzave ” e ti hap vetes telashe ? Nje mendje tjeter me thosh:  “ Po nuk shkrojta une,  kush do te shkruaj ?  Ai njeri nuk e meriton te harrohet mbasi dikush ka qene e dicka ka bere ” !  Fitoi mendimi i dyte,  i nxitur dhe nga disa opinione te spikatura te njerezve me vlera te shumta e me reputacion te gjere ne aviacion e me gjere.

Jo per te shmangur pergjegjesine por me qellim qe te isha  sa me i vertete ne rrefimin tim,  perzgjodha te flisja,  jo me zerin tim por me fjalet e atyre qe kane qene me prane tij dhe qe kane sherbyer apo punuar se bashku me Novin.  Sic e kam thene me siper,  instruktor i teknikes se pilotimit i Novit ka qene piloti i shquar Isa Arapaj.  Ne vitet kur ne Shkollen e Lartet e Aviacionit,  studionte per t’u bere pilot Ivanov Meta dhe shoket e tij te grupit: Valter Gargaj;  Dante Dusha;  Astrit Sala dhe vete Novi,   funksiononte  rregulli sipas te cilit instruktori i teknikes se pilotimit,  u mesonte studenteve tekniken e pilotimit ne aeroplanet fillestare me helike te tipit Jak-18 A dhe i shoqeronte ata ne aeroplanet reaktive Mig – 15. Kjo metode,  i lejonte instruktorit ta njihte me gjate e te kishte mundesi ti korrigjonte pasaktesite apo shmangiet nga rregulli.

Ja si shkruan per Novin,  instruktori i tij i teknikes se pilotimit,  permetari Isa Arapaj,  me 5 qershor te vitit 2021: „ …  Novin e kam njohur kur merrte mesime fluturimi ne avionin fillestar Jak – 18 A e me pas,  kur kaloi ne aeroplanet reaktive te tipit Mig – 15;  mesimore dhe luftarake.  Novi ishte djale i gjalle,  elegant e  tip sportiv,  shtatlarte e me trup te rregullt,  i vemendshem e i respektueshem,  i vendosur e kembengules per te arritur objektivat…“.

Novi ishte i dashur me shoket dhe shume i shoqerueshem me ta. Po ta beje shok Novin,  kishe fituar nje njeri qe te degjonte me vemendje e te respektonte.  Ai ishte mendjehapet.  Edhe shoket e donin  dhe e respektonin shume.  Djali nga Vali i Skraparit kishte formim te mire e u dilte per zot puneve te cilave kishte vullnetin dhe aftesine per tu shkuar deri ne fund. Ne grupin e fluturimit ku bente pjese;  Ai ishte me i miri,  si ne anen teorike dhe ne ate praktike.  Novi ishte shembull ne arritjen e treguesve cilesore dhe kjo nuk e bente mendjemadh por i  jepte kenaqesi.

Bazuar ne cilesite e tij te vecanta si student per pilot i „ekselences “,  Novi u perZgjodh per te qene instruKtor i  teknikes se pilotimit.  Perpara Tij dilte nje detyre mjaft e veshtire e delikate dhe me shume pergjegjesi.  Per ta kryer me faqe te bardhe kete detyre,  te cilen e vleresoi sic ishte,  Novi iu perfill punes per te rritur nivelin e pergatitjes vetjake,  ne menyre qe tu pergjigjej kerkesave te vecanta te detyres te re dhe vecorive te studenteve qe do te mesonte.  

Ne daten 10 dhjetor te vitit 2021,  ne rrjetin social Facebok,  ne nje shkrim perkujtimor lidhur me figuren e Ivanov Metes,  si pilot e si instruktor i teknikes se pilotimit shprehen opinione, disa shoke e kolege te Tij dhe te tjere qe e kane njohur,  ne pune te perbashket apo si gjiton,  mbasi iu hoq e drejta e pilotimit.  Opinionet te cilet nuk jane te pakte, shprehin esencen e vlerave te Tij;  shkurt por sakte.

Instruktori i  Tij,  piloti veteran Isa Arapaj,  edhe ne kete rast ruajti e shpalosi te njejtin opinion.  Mes te tjerash,  Isai theksonte: „ …Ivanov Meta ishte nje djalosh  mjaft i  zgjuar,  energjik,  shoqeror,  i dashur e i perkushtuar.  Ai ishte njeri me zemer te madhe dhe me cilesi te larta morale… “.   

Bilal Kadena ( ish pilot ): „ … U prehte ne paqe,  piloti me zemer te madhe-Ivanov Meta … “!  

Robert Permeti ( piktor ): „ … Ne Shkollen “ Skenderbej ”,  me Novin kam qene ne te njejtern kompani. Ishim perhere bashke.  Novi  i la kujtimet mes nesh dhe iku,  duke buzeqeshur… “ !  

Kujtim Cako ( ekonomiat,  ishfunksionar i larte ): „ … Kujtimet e Shkolles se Mesme „ Skenderbej “ jane homazh,  per Novin… Ai ishte i shkathet e i guximshem…Novi shquhej per guxim te tepruar dhe per pasion per ajrin… braktisi ekonomistin dhe vazhdoi Shkollen e Aviacionit,  per pilot,  ne vitin 1967… “!  

Qemal Lame ( ishfunksionar i larte ) : „ …Novi ishte shembull,  per atdhedashuri,  per trimeri e per ndershmeri.  E mbaj mend,  vetem:  Fol e qesh.  Ishte njeri me humor e dashamires… Novi ishte person i vecante;  Ai rrezatonte miresi e dashuri te pafund… Nje kuader ushtarak model.  E kam patur gjiton. Ishte shok i mire: i qeshur e babaxhan.  Ushtarak i zoti;  shok i mire e me virtyte te larta.  Ai ishte i zgjuar,  i shkathet e djale trim… nje pilot i “ shkelqyer ”… ”! 

Ilir Shalari ( nga NewYorku ): “ … I paharruar qofte kujtimi dhe buzeqeshja e Tij… ” ! 

Besnik Imeraj : “… Novi ishte pilot i talentuar dhe kuader inteligjent… Ivanov Meta ishte nje kuader ushtarak model;  nje familjar shume i mire  dhe nje gjiton shume i rregullt;  i respektuar e i dashur,  me te gjithe… „ !  

Selim Allajbej: „… E mbylli jeten e vet,  me nder e dinjitet.  Gjithmone i qeshur… ”  ! 

Mehill Deda: “…  Ne Rreshen,  Ivanovin e prune shef kazermimi,  pastaj e cuan komandant te batalionit te fortifikimit.  Fliste shume mire rusisht.  Novi ishte teper rezultativ e nje shok i „ shkelqyer “.  Ndarja e tij nga jeta,  na hidheroi keqas  te gjitheve…. Ata qe punuan me Te,  ne shoket dhe koleget e Tij,  e kujtojme me mall.  Novi ishte i dashur,  i thjeshte me shoket dhe nje punetor i pa pertuar… Novi ishte pilot klasi… ” ! 

Daut Bezati: “ … Shok i rralle;  njeri i mrekullueshem;  shume I dashur… ” !  

Cimi…: “ … Novi ishte gjithmone i qeshur… ” ! 

Vladimir Ndojaj: “ … Ruaj kujtimet me te mira,  per Novin si ushtarak profesionist qe diti te mbijetoje,  ne kushte teper te veshtira profesionale,  duke kaluar nga pilot,  ne xhenjer.  A e mendoni cfare ndjente Ai njeri  per profesionin e tij te pilotit,  duke kaluar ne ate te fortifikuesit,  madje dhe te shoferit te taksiswe.  Shume ka duruar prandaj i ra infarkt gje qe eshte e tmerrshme per nje pilot… ” !  

Arben Gjata: “ … Major Ivanov Meta ka qene njeri nga miqte dhe bashkepunetoret e mi me te ngushte. Per Te ruaj kujtimet me te mira dhe konsideratat me te larta… ”!  

Vlash Dodaj: “ … Novin e kujtoj gjithnje si nje ushtarak i denje qe te impononte respekt… Per Ivanovin mund te shpreh vetem mirenjohje dhe respekt… ” !  

Nexh Bala: “… Nje vdekje e trishte.  Ivanov Meta ishte nje burre i larte;  nje specialist shume i mire dhe nje ushtarak dinjitoz… ” !    

Duro Ormeni: “ … E njoh mire. Kam punuar disa vite me Te.  Nuk gjej fjale per te folur per miresine e tij…! 

Mimoza…: “ … Me te rrepte nuk kishja njohur.  Ai ishte teper professional dhe hokatar… “ !

Anila … : “ … Ishte njeri i mrekullueshem. E kam patur koleg  ne zyre… Asnjehere nuk mund ta shikoje pa u marre me problemet e punes… Ishte buzagaz … “ !  

Luljeta… : “ …Novi ishte shume i qeshur e i humorit…nje shok i vecante… ” ! 

Disa opinione te shprehura ne ate faqe faceboku, i kam paraqitur shkurt e pa emra. Opinionet ishin aq te shumte sa qe mendova mos ti shkruaja te gjithe emrat dhe mendimet e tyre.  Sidoqofte,  vlerat e Novit tone,  jane te qarta e te pranishme.

“… E mbaj mend,  vetem fol e qesh.  Novi ishte me humor dhe dashamires… ” !  

“… Ivanov Meta ishte pilot i dalluar e model… ” !

“… Profesionist i “ shkelqyer ” !

“… Sa i mire ka qene ” ?

“… Novi ishte i zgjuar,  i shkathet e djale trim.  Nje pilot i “ shkelqyer ” e me pasion… ” ! 

“… Ivanovi do te ngelet ne zemrat tona,  ashtu sic ishte… “ ! etj. etj.

Asllan Hasani kujton: „ … Ivanov Meta ishte nje shok,  shume i dashur me te gjithe.  Ate dite,  ishin ne fluturim 2 aeroplane  Mig – 15 mesimore,  te cilet erdhen se bashku me tekniket perkates,  te komanduar nga Shkolla e Larte e Aviacionit…“.

 Sofokli Caliqi ( Ish aviodrejtues ne Vendkomanden Qendrore te Ushtrise ). „… Novin e kam njohur,  personalisht.  Ne ndonje rast,  kam pire kafe e kam biseduar me Te.  Iashte mjaft i pergatitur profesionalisht.  Ishte njeri i shoqerise e i muhabeetit pa interes.  Kam degjuar dhe per marredhenie mjaft te mira ne familje.  U ndjeva keq kur mesova per ndarjen e tij nga jeta.  Ai goxha njeri,  pesoi aksident. –  Qofte i paharruar kujtimi i tij;  ti rrojne femijet!

Piloti Ramadan Anija,  i cili ne ate ngjarje te jashtzakonshme ishte ne kabinen e pare te avionit qe pesoi aksident ajror,  na ka dhene nje opinion te plote,  te sakte e te besueshem.  Them keshtu, mbasi vete Ramadani eshte njeri i besueshem dhe e ka perjetuar live ate qe ndodhi.  Ja si e kujton Ramadani ate fluturim interesant: „ … Me 19 korrik te vitit 1973,  diten e marte,  ne 0ren 11. 30 ,  ne temperature larte te ajrit rrethues ( rreth 42 grade celsius ),  ne Aerodromin e Rinasit, ne procesin e fluturimeve mesimore,  ngjau nje dukuri e rralle,  mbase ne te gjithe boten.  Nje aeroplan mesimor i tipit Mig – 15,  u ul aq shume mbi siperfaqen e detit Adriatik,  ne plazhin e Patokut,  sa qe takoi siperfaqen e ujit,  u largua prej saj i demtuar rende,  mori lartesi dhe u  ul  ne pisten e betonuar te Aerodromit te Rinasit.  Protagonist i kesaj ndodhie te rralle ishte Ivanov Meta,  ne kabinen e dyte te ketij aeroplani dhe piloti Ramadan Anija,  ne kabinen e pare te aeeroplanit.

Shkrimi eshte i vertete dhe homazh.  Homazh per nje talent,  i cili vertet nuk eshte ne jete por  ka lene gjurme ne Historine e Aviacionit Shqiptar.  Opinionet e kolegeve te Novit dhe te aviacionisteve qe e kane njohur personalisht vendosa ti paraqes sic m’i kane thene opinionberesit.  Kjo menyre me duket me e drejte e me e sakte.  Po i rendis opinionet qe munda te siguroj:

Asip Budo; pilot ne pension: „… Novin e kam patur shok grupi,  ne Shkollen e Larte te Aviacionit ne Vlore.  Nuk ishim ne te njejtin grup fluturues me Te,  por ishim ne te njejten klase.  Instruktor te teknikes se pilotimit Novi kishte pilotin me pervoje Isa Arapaj…. Vertet kane kaluar shume vite qysh nga ajo kohe,  por,  shokun e klases,  ne vecanti kur ai kishte tipare te vecanta,  si ne rastin e Novit,  kurresesi nuk mund ta harroj.  Novi iu bashkua grupit tone,  me vonese,  kur ne kishim filluar mesimet teorike.  Erdhi nga Tirana,  nga Shkolla e Mesme Uashtarake   „Skenderbej “  ku kishte kryer gjimnazin.  Me shaka,  ne shoket e tij te klases,  paas nesh e gjithe shkolla i thoshte: „ Tiranas kokekuq “ e ai nuk na merzitej.   

Ivanov Meta ishte djale i mire;  tip sportiv e i hedhur.  Teorikisht,  Ai ishte ne nivel te larte;  thujse ne perfeksion.  Ai lexonte shume e vazhdimisht dhe kishte qejf te eksperimentonte.  Tekniken e pilotimite kishte te larte dhe dallohej nga shoket e grupit. Ishte koha kur u dha orientim ( i pa zyrtarizuar ) qe pilotet te pergatiteshin per te fluturuar ne lartesi te vogla e shume te vogla.  Kete orientim gojor,  Novi e dinte dhe e shfrytezoi per te kryer eksperimente me aeroplanin Mig – 15,  me te cilin fluturonte.  Teknika e perparuar e pilotimit qe kishte dhe toleranca e avionit qe pilotonte e lejonin kete gje.  Novi e donte shume aeroplanin dhe fluturimin.  Ai,  ne kabinen e avionit ndihej si ne shtepine e tij.

Novi ishte shtatlarte;  me trup te bukur atletik e i zhdervjellet.  Uniformen ushtarake e kishte per zemer dhe e mbante te paster e te hekurosur.

paharruar qofte kujtimi i tij !

                                                         Asip Budo,  ne Tirane, me 22.o6.2022  

Seit Shehu ( ish teknik helikopteri Mi-4 ): “… Ne Shkollen e Larte te Aviacionit,  ne Vlore,  nuk pata shansin ta njihja Ivanovin.  Kam patur mjaft shoke e miq te Tij,  si te njohur dhe miq te mite.  Ata qe e kane njohur,  ne pune e ne jete,  kishin opinion mjaft te mire per Novin,  si njeri me karakter te forte e te qendrueshem;  si i kompletuar e i shkuar  me te gjithe. 

Kur punoja fotograf,  ne rrugen:  „ Barjam Curri “,  prane Medresese te Tiranes,  Novi vinte shpesh ne dyqanin qe menaxhoja une.  Ai vinte i vetem ose i shoqeruar nga shoke te tij.  Aty u njohem e u miqesuam.  Ne ate kohe me linden disa problem me shendetin.  Ivanovi u interesua per shendetin tim,  ne  maksimumin e mundshem;   madje me teper se disa te tjere,  te cilet kishin detyrime ndaj meje.

Kam vleresim maksimal per ate njeri dhe ruaj kujtime te vyera per Te.  Ndjeva keqardhjeqe iku aq shpejt.

Qofte i Xhenetit;  u paste lene jeten,  shendetin dhe mbaresi atyre qe la pas !

U prehte ne paqe !

                                            Seit Shehu,  ne Tirane,  me 24.06.2022

Razmadan Anija ( iish pilot,  protagonist ne ate ngjarje ):  “… Novin e njoha ne veren e vitit 1973,  kohe kur po kryenim fluturime treneruese ne aeroplanet mesimore Mig – 15,  ne aerodromin e Rinasit,  per te ruajtur reflekset e pilotimit,  para se te niseshim per ne Kine.  Ne vjeshten e atij viti,  shkuam ne Kine per specializim,  ne aereoplane me te perparuar. 

Une dhe dy shoke te mite,  nisem fluturimet me instruktorin Ivanov Meta.  Fluturimet i kryenim me ngritje dhe me ulje ne Aerodrdromin e Rinasit,  ne te cilin brezi i betonuar ishte me i gjate dhe ngarkesa e aerodromit me fluturime,  ishte krahasimisht me e lehte.  Novi,  ishte diplomuar pilot gjuajtes – bombardues ne aeroplanet reaktive te tipit Mig – 15,  para 2 – 3 vitesh.

Fluturimet tona,  nuk kishin si qellim mesimin e fluturimit,  por  „mbajtjen “ apo ruajtjen e shprehive te fluturimit.  Prandaj dhe instruktoret tane,  nuk kishin objektiva mesimdhenie dhe nuk kishin perkushtim maksimal.  Novi,  ne ajer praktikonte  here pas here figura pilotimi dhe akrobaci ajrore te cilat,  jo cdo pilot i praktikonte…

 Ne lartesine e caktuar,  Novi plotsonte teten vertikale.  Lakun e pare,  Ai e kryente me shpejtesi inertive kurse lakun e dyte  e plotsonte me shpejteswine e perftuar nga fuqia motorrike.  Novi kiishte hobi fluturimet ne lartesi shume te ulet:  1 -2 m;  ndonjehere e dhe me ulet.  Dy koleget e mi,  nuk ia kishin miratuar Novit te kryente manovra te tilla ne ajer e Ai zbatonte vullnetin e tyre.  Une,  kur fluturoja me Novin,  e nxitja te me deftonte dicka  te vecante, jashte ushtrimit dhe ai ma plotsonte deshiren.

Kur ishim duke fluturuar ne segmentin Durres –  Shijak dhe perpara na shfaqej fusha  ne brigjet e lumit Erzen,  humbisnim lartesi energjikisht dhe e „ shtronim  „ aeroplanin brejushij ( fluturim kosites ) mbi parcelat me jonxhe ( jo dhe mbi ato me grure).  Kultivarin e shquanim nga ngjyra dhe nga kaqlliri.  Nuk duhet te beni te habiturin,  kur te mesoni se kur kalonim ne fluturime brejushij,  ne ndonje rast leshonim dhe rrotat e aeroplanit e avioni yne linte gjurme,  ne parcelen e mbjelle me jonxhe.  Kuptohet;  kemi te bejme me nje cmenduri e aventure,  por,  keshtu vepronte Ivanov Meta kur fluturonim se bashku.

Nje situate e perafert ngjau dhe ne fluturimin e dates 19 korrik te vitit 1973.

Ne ate fluturim,  u ngritem ne cift aeroplanesh mesimore te tipit Mig – 15,  nga pista e Aerodromit te Rinasit.  Fluturoja,  ne te njejtin aeroplan,  me Ivanov Meten.  Ne ngritje ishim ne rolin e shoqeruesit.  Diku mbi Kavaje ( qytet ) dolem perpara,  ne rolin e drejtuesit te ciftit.  Sapo dolem perpara,  nisem humbjen e lartesise energjikisht.  Fillimisht u ulem ne lartesine nga toka 100m e me vone,  u ulem edhe me poshte.  Po fluturonim me kurs magnetik 320 grade. Aeroplani yne fluturonte ne drejtim te majes te Kepit te Skenderbeut.  Sapo dolem mbi det,  humbem lartesi,  deri 1 – 2 metra mbi siperfaqen e ujitAeroplani shoqerues,  i cili fluturonte pas nesh ( ne interval e ne distance sic fluturohet ne cift avionesh ),  ishte ne lartesi te parrezikshme.  Si komandant cifti,  piloti pergjegjes,  disa here na terhoqi vemendjen,  nepermjet radios RSIU – 3 M,  me fjalet urdher: ” Me larte;  me larte ”!,  por ne,  nuk reaguam por vijuam te fluturonim rrafsh me siperfaqen e ujit,  per disa sekonda.   Deti ishte;  sic thone “ vaj ”.  Fluturonim me shpejtesi progresive sipas instrumentit te avionit  (shpejtesimatesit ) rreth 800 km/ore.  Temperatura e ajrit rrethues ishte mbi 40 grade Celsius.  Si rrjedhoje e diferences te presionit  te siperfaqes te ujit  me avionin qe fluturonte mbi det,  mbi fanarin e avionit tone u formua nje spektakel i mrekullueshem e i papare.

… mijera ngjyra  si te ylberit,  vezullonin perpara meje duke krijuar nje pamje fantastike.  Ate mrekulli,  e ruaj ne kujtese,  edhe pas kaq vitesh.  Ishin caste ekzaltues,  te cilet shkaktojne shperqendrim e adrenaline te shtuar.  Ne keta caste ekzaltuese ne u perplasem me siperfaqen e ujit.  Ndodheshim mbi det,  rreth 10 km thelle, larg bregut e nga Kepi i „ Skenderbeut “,  ne drejtim te Derdhjes te Lumit Buna.  Goditja me siperfaqen e ujit krijoi nje frenim te jashtzakonshem e te menjehershem.  Instrinktivisht morem dorezen e komandimit te aeroplanit  nga vetja dhe e kaluam avionin ne marrje lartesie me rrotullim te djathte me qellim qe te dilnim mbi bregdet.  Avioni u lehtesua dhe ne kuptuam se rezervuaret vares ishin shkeputur nga kraheet e avionit.  Kur ishim duke kryer kthese luftarake te djathte, gjate procesit te marrjes te lartesise,  ktheva koken mbrapa e pashe, mbi siperfaqen e ujit,  dy vija te bardha.  Rezervuaret vares ishin shnderruar ne silure e ndiqnin trajektoren e fluturimit,  me shpejtesi qe vinte ne fikje. Kete dukuri,  mendoj se e kane vene re  me mire dy pilotet qe fluturonin pas nesh,  ne avionin e shoqeruesit.

Shpejtesia me te cilin fluturonte avioni yne ( rreth 800 km/ore ) na dha mundesi te ngjiteshim ne lartesine rreth 1000 m e ta drejtonim avionin per ne Aerodromin e Rinasit.  Aeroplani,  nga goditja hidraulike mbi siperfaqen e ujit u demtua rende.  Tubacionet qe percjellin karburantin u cane dhe vajguri derdhej si lume.  Ishim me fat dhe udhezimet qe na dha komandanti i ciftit,  i cili nuk na u nda,  pas ngjarjes,  si dhe udhezimet e udheheqesit te fluturimeve, ishin te sakta e ne u ulem ne pisten e Aerodromit te Rinasit,  para se te mbarohej karburanti.  Treguesit e instrumenteve te kontrollit ne kabinen e avionit u bllokuan plotesisht,  ashtu si dhe nderlidhja e dyaneshme me radio.

Duke u kthyer ne aerodromin e Rinasit,  komunikova me Ivanov Meten  nepermjet radios se brendshme SPU.  E pyeta instruktorin tim: “ Po tani,  si do te veprojme, o instruktor;  cfare do te themi?  Pergjigja qe mora ishte e qarte dhe e prere: „ Dane:  Trego te verteten per gjithcka “ ! Keto fjale te tij  me cliruan nga nje siklet i madh e sikur u lehtesova ne shpirt.  Ivanov Meta ishte djale trim e mjaft i cilter.  Novit nuk i dridhej as qerpiku ne cdo situate sado e veshtire te ishte ajo.  Ivanov Meta nuk e njihte friken.  Ai nuk dinte cfare ishte frika.  Prej guximit te tij  u trimerova edhe une.  Gjate 30 viteve ne fluturim,  disa here jam ndodhur „ngushte “,  por asnjehere nuk jam stepur.  Ne cdo rast kam menduar se mund te dilet nga cdo situate dhe se mund te gjendet nje rrugedalje po te kesh beim tek vetja dhe tek avioni qe piloton.  Atje tej,  mbi valet e detit Adriatik e pashe vdekjen time  me sy,  fare prane  e ia dolem mbane,  te ndihmuar nga fati.  Krijova bindjen se,  sido qe te me shtjellohej situata ne ajer,  nuk do te ishte fundi im.  Fluturova ne aeroplanet Mig – 15 te te dy varianteve;  ne Mig – 17 F;  dhe ne Mig – 19 S,  aeroplani m’u be shok i ngushte i qiellit e une ishja nje me te.  Kishim besim te ndersjellte tek njeri – tjetri.

Per Novin kam mall;  shume me ka marre malli per ate njeri.  Na iku shpejt prej nje arresti kardiak.  Besoj se goditjen qe pati ishte rezultat i asaj ndodhie dhe prej largimit te parakohshem nga fluturimi.  Ajo ndodhi e rende e me rrjedhoja te shumta,  na lidhi shume,  ne te dyve.  Novin e lidhi perjetesisht me aviacionin dhe me aviatoret.  Edhe pse u caktua te sherbente ne sektore te ndryshem te ushtrise Popullore,  ne cilesine e oficerit,  Novi nuk u nda kurre,  as shpirterisht; as fizikisht,  nga shoket dhe nga koleget e tij.  Ai jetonte me ajrin dhe me fluturimin.

Novi vinte nga Shkolla Ushtarake “ Skenderbej “ e ishte djale oficeri.  Ai u rrit bonjak nga e ema,  si Une dhe kaloi neper nje kalvar te pazakonte.

Ivanov Meta e donte Ushtrine dhe  e mbante ne menyre perfekte uniformen.  Kepucet i fshinte perdite dhe mund te veshtroje tek ato veten, si ne pasqyre, ne cdo cast.  Novi ishte shume i dashur dhe dashamires me kedo.  Kishte humor te kendshem dhe kurdohere e veshtroje me buze ne gaz.  Ivanov Meta ishte shok i vertete.  Ai,  asnjehere nuk mungoi ne festat dhe ne takimet qe benin shoket e tij.

–  I paharruar do te jete tek une kujtimi i Ivanov Metes;  skraparliut buzagaz,  trim dhe fisnik !

Mendoj se i thashe disa vlera te atij njeriu.  Ndoshta te tjere shoke te tij kane me teper kujtime e do ta plotesojne opinionin tim.  

Tirane,  me  04. 06.  2021                  Ramadan Anija,  ish pilot,  protagonist I asaj ngjarje te rralle. 

Dhori Mertiri (pilot ): “ …  Nuk e paskam te lehte te jap opinion per Ivanov Meten;  skraparliun,  burre me dy rr.  Merakun e kam te madh.  Ai ka te beje me faktin:  A do ta kem te mundur ta cmoj sakte,  sic ka qene  ate njeri te vecante,  ne te gjithe dimensionet.

Edhe pse kane kaluar shume vite qe kur e kam njohur,  portreeti i Ivanovit me „zbret “ ne kujtese,  sic e kam njohur:  Shtatlarte;  i shkathet;  tip sportiv;  i dashur e i respektuar  nga te gjithe;  i rregullt e mjaft inteligjent.  Ana profesionale e tij,  deshmonte se Novi ishte i lindur per te fluturuar dhe kishte nje dashuri te papare per aeroplanin dhe per ajrin.  Novi ishte nje talent i rralle,  nga ata tipa te cilet e duan,  pa mase profesionin qe kane zgjedhur.  Novi i perket races te guximtareve.  Ai nuk e ndante librin nga dora dhe lexonte shume.  Lexonte libra te te gjithe fushave te jetes,  por,  ne leximet e tij,  binte ne sy pasioni per aeronautiken.

Njohurite e thella teorike,  njohja ne detaje e proceseve qe ndodhin kur aeroplani can rrymat e ajrit,  i jepnin Novit siguri,  ne toke e ne ajer dhe benin te mundur qe Ai te ndihej si ne shtepine e tij,  kur ulej ne kabinen e aeroplanit.  Ivanov Meta ishte „ Zot i ajrit “.

Pavaresisht si e perse i ndodhi,  largimi i tij nga fluturimi,  nuk e largoi dot Novin nga shoket dhe nga koleget,  te cilet,  e deshironin dhe Ai i donte me shpirt e i cmonte per vlerat qe kishin. Edhe shoket e donin dhe e cmonin shoqerine e Tij.

Novi,  pavaresisht se nuk ngrihej ne ajer pas asaj qe i ngjau,  e ndjente veten pjese te pandare te aviacionit e nuk u vecua nga shoket,  ne asnje rast e per asnje event.  Si ne gezime dhe ne fatkeqesi,  Novin e kishje ne mes te shokeve.  Edhe ne rastet kur aviacioniste te vecante druheshin ta takonin dhe e anashkalonin ne rruge;  Novi me zemer te madhe,  nuk merzitej e nuk zemerohej por buzeqeshte.  Ngjante sikur thosh  me vete: „… Fali,  o Zot,  se nuk dine cfare bejne… “ !

Qofte i paharruar kujtimi i Tij;  ti rrojne vajzat dhe ata qe ka lene pas ! 

Tirane,  me  11 . 03. 2023                    opinion nga Dhori Mertiri ( pilot ) 

Permbyllje dhe perkushtim.

Po te kishte ngjare ne te tjera kohe,  rasti i Novit: ( prekja e aereoplanit me siperfaqen e ujit, ngritja prap ne ajer  dhe ulja ne aerodromin e ngritjes),  ndoshta  mund te shqyrtohej ne kuadrin e cmimit Gines.  Mbasi rast i rralle ishte,  si ne vendin tone dhe ne tere rruzullin tokesor.  Sidoqofte Ivanov Meta u fut ne Historine e Aviacionit Shqiptar dhe ne ate boteror.  Koha i dha shkelqim Novit; pavarewsisht se njerezit i dhane ndeshkim; disa e nemin edhe sot.

Biografet e Tij,  ne te ardhmen,  mbase do te kene mundesine per te remuar e per te gjetur rrenjet dhe deget e Tij.  Kjo do te jete „ thele mbi bisht “,  sic thone rendom njerezit.  Une,  po perpiqem te paraqes,  publikisht ate qe di,  se jam i ndergjegjshem qe nuk di cdo gje.

Kam mesuar se Novi,  mbeti heret bonjak nga e ema dhe i tille u rrit.  Edhe pse me kete kufizim e  me femijeri tejet te veshtire,  Novi u brumos me atdhetari,  e u be djale trim e guximtar.  Shtati i bukur i Tij;  i larte si kavak e tere muskuj;  zgjuarsia natyrale e tij favorizonin cdo pune e specialitet,  por djali nga Vali i Skraparit enderronte te cante qiellin,  si zogjte fluturake.

Endrra e tij mori krahe,  vetem ne vitin 1967,  kur Ai nisi studimet  per t’u bere pilot,  ne Shkollen e Larte te Aviacionit,  ne Vlore.

Thone se fati nuk u buzeqesh bonjakeve.  Ky slogan,  eshte e nuk eshte i vertete.  Ne rastin tone,  Ivanov Metes,  fati i erdhi ne ndihme per te vene ne jete endrren e tij te kahershme.  Shansi,  i  erdhi ne ndihme,  Novit edhe kur instruktor i Tij i teknikes se pilotimit,  si ne avionin fillestar,  me helike dhe ne ata reaktiv,  u caktua permetari mjeshter ne fluturim,  mendjehapuri e kokeploti Isa Arapaj nga Kajca.  Kiishte cfare te mesonte Novi nga Instruktori i tij.

Ne grupin fluturues,  ku bente pjese Novi ishin studentet per pilote: Dante Dusha;  Valter Qerimi ( Gargaj) etj.   Novi shquhej ne grup,  madje dhe ne klaqse,  si ne teori dhe ne praktiken e fluturimit.  Ne vitet e studimit,  Novi kishte bashkekohes:  Perparim Hilen ( ndjese paste );  Asip Budon;  Asim Bimen;  Maksim Rexzhen;  Epaminonda Tupen;  Pellumb Bebrin ( ndjese paste );  Mane Bullutin ( ndjese paste );  Kujtim Kryekurtin;  Arqile Kosten;  Sinan Celen ( ndjese paste ) etj.

Instruktore te teknikes se pilotimit,  ne te dy tipat e avioneve ishin:  Avdi Gjonmemaj;  Sillo Melica ( ndjese paste );  Guri Merkaj;  Kostandin Sadikaj;  Fazlli Begaj ( ndjese paste );  Ahmet Sulejman Zogu;  Salih Peci;  Azis Alla;  Delo Isufi ( Seraj);  Sabri Toci ( ndjese paste ) ;  Eqerem Tuga ( ndjese paste  ) etj.   

Ivanov Meta u diplomua pilot gjuajtes – bombardues,  ne Shkollen tone te aviacionit;  Ai ishte “mall vendi ”.

Pas emrimit te Tij,  ne Regjimentin „ Peza “ te Qytetit „ Stalin “ ku u stervit ne avionet Mig – 15 te te dy tipave,  duke cmuar aftesite fluturuese dhe nivelin teorik te ngritur te Tij,  organi i nomenklatures e caktoi Ate ne detyren e veshtire e me pergjegjesi te madhe te instruktorit te teknikes se pilotimit,  ne aeroplanet reaktive Mig – 15,  ne Shkollen e Lartet e Aviacionit, ne Vlore.  E cmoi si nder te madh Novi,  kete detyre dhe  iu perfill punes per ngritjen e nivelit teorik dhe praktik te Tij;  me qellim qe t’u pergjigjej kerkesave te vecanta te studenteve. Zoterimi i N Gjuhes Ruse,  te cilen e kishte mesuar ne menyre autodidakte dhe pasioni i tij per te lexuar,  e ndihmuan mjaft Novin,  per te njohur me thelle e ne menyre te gjithaneshme shkencen e  aeronautikes.  Nuk e ndante librin nga dora Novi.  Ai lexonte shume dhe literature te shumellojshme.

Ndodhia e dates  19 shtator 1973,  nuk mund te jete rastesi.  Ajo eshte ne vazhden e prirjes te tij per te provuar  ne praktiken e flururimeve dukurite,  qe shfaqen tek avioni dhe tek piloti, kur ai can rrymat e ajrit.  Ate qe lexontene libra,  Novi donte ta veshtronte vete qe te bindej dhe ishte nje vrojtues i sakte i  sjelljes  te avionit ne procese te ndryshem te evoluimit.  Ai e kishte hobi,  kryerjen e evoluimeve me avion,  deri ne rrisk.  Dikush e njeson Novin me nje aventurier . Eshte e mendimi i tij e nuk i futem punes per ta kundershtuar.  Mendoj,  se me teper se me nje aventurier,  Novi ishte njeri qe donte te eksperimentonte e te bindej vete ne mundesine e realizimit te atyre qe lexonte,  por qe nuk i kryente gjithekush.  Mirepo eksperimentet e kesaj natyre jane kryer kohe me pare  e jane paguar shtrenjte. Novi shpetoi per mrekulli.

Pas ndodhise,  veme re nje qendrim burreror dhe trimeror te Novit,  i cili na deshmon karakterin e tij te brumosur dhe vazhdimesi ne karakterin e tij.  Novi ishte i drejtperdrejte dhe i ndershem. Pergjigja dhene Ramadanit,  kur Ai e pyeti,  cfare do te thonin,  kur ti pyesnin per shkaqet e ngjarjes: “ Dane:  thuaj te verteten dhe vetem te verteten “,  dicka thote  !

Pas uljes,  kur sigurimsat i shkuan tek shkallet e avionit me pranga ne duar,  Novi,  si Bilbilejte dikur,  u tha te njohurve te tij:  „ Pritni pak !  Dhe vajti afer  bishtit te avionit,  puthi duraluminin e ftohte,  qau e u zgjati duart puthadoreve te regjimit qe ti vinin prangat.  Ky veprim dhe ato qe rrefejne koleget e tij,  se nuk u ndahej,  ne asnje rast,  na deftojne,  gjithashtu per karakterin e tij te spikatur.

Pas kryerjes te denimit dhe emerimit ne detyra te ndryshme , jashte aviacionit, Novi shperfaqi te njejtin formim e po ate karakter , si me pare.

Novi u shua, ne daten  30 shtator te vitit 1970,  nga nje burg kardiak.  Ka shume mundesi qe ky aksident te kete zanafillen tek brenga e madhe qe perjetoi Novi,  kur e shmangen nga te fluturuarit.  Ne nje fare menyre,  largimi i tij nga stervitja ajrore,  ishte nje lloj “ pushkatimi  “ I Tij. E vuajti perbrenda kete brenge,  Novi dhe plasi. Percjellja e tij, u be te nesermen, me 1 tetor te atij viti, ne Varrezat Publike te Sharres,  ne Tirane.  Kortezhi i permortshem i ngjante nje lumi qe rrjedh ne heshtje drejt deltes.  Po te ishte  organizimi  e njoftimi me i mire,  mbase edhe pjesemarrja e njerezve do te ishte me e madhe.  Me vjen keq qe nuk pata ndihmesen e dy vajzave dhe te bashkeshortes te tij,  per te thithur me teper te dhena; qofte dhe ten je fotografie.

– I paharruar qofte kujtimi i Tij;  ti rrojne vajzat dhe gjithe sa ndjejne dhimbje per Te !

 Shkrojti Niazi Xhevit Nelaj,  ne Tirane,  me 17 mars 2023.  

Për mort, mes malësorëve të Kalivaçit të Lezhës

                            ( KUJTIME)

Ishte fundviti 1982.  Ne Veri – Perendim te vendit,  ne rajonin e Hotit dhe ne malin e Velecikut nje  „brigate „ me ushtare qe kishin plotsuar kohen e sherbimit te detyrueshem ushtarak dhe dolen   vullnetare per te punuar nje muaj pas kryerjes te sherbimit te detyrueshem ushtarak,  per te kontribuar ne  punimet per fortifikimin e mbrojtjes.  Ata hapen transhe,  ne nje terren te thyer e shkembor.  „Brigata“   e improvizuar kishte ne perberje 3 batalione:  Njeri i Regjimentit te Gjadrit;  nje tjeter i Regjimentit te Rinasit,  dhe i treti,  me ushtare te Regjimentit te Qytetit „ Stalin “.  Ishte dhe nje kompani me ushtare te Regjimentit te Helikoptereve dhe te Skuadriles te Transportit Ajror;  te miksuar.  Ne kete „brigate “ benin pjese 1500 ushtare „te liruar “  dhe  rreth 150 oficere ( kryesisht nga radhet e kandidateve per anetare partie:  shefat e xhenios te regjimenteve te aviacionit,  te cilet drejtonin punimet dhe shtabi i „ Brigates “ , me te gjithe sherbimet.

Lexo të plotë

Robert Marko

                                                               ( Perkushtim

Nostalgjia ime per Korcen eshte e njohur dhe e shprehur. Korca me dha aq shume,  ne nje kohe kur nuk kisha asgje.  Kam shkruar e do te shkruaj,  sa te mundem,  per qytetin „ perle “ dhe per ata njerez te mire te tij.  Kete shkrim dua tja kushtoj kujtimit te njerit nga shokete mi me te mire nga ky qytet,  fisnikut te pakrahasueshem,  pilotit te pasionuar Robert Marko ( ndjese paste ),  gjurmet e te cilit trokasin fort ne Historine e Aviacionit Shqiptar.

Lexo të plotë

Opinion: Për pilotin virtuoz të helikopterit MI-4, Janaq Naun Jorgji

Zakonisht,  kur nje njeri ndahet nga jeta,  ne cdo rast,  fliten e perseriten fjale te mira per te.  Kjo eshte normale dhe e njerezishme. Dihet: I ikuri nuk degjon e nuk ndjen gje por,  jane te prasmit e tij qe perjetojne.  Ndoshta fjalet e mira qe thuhen synojne permiresimin apo rikuperimin e klimes ne mjedisin qe mbetet.  Opinioni qe vijon ka dicka qe nuk perngjan me opinionet e tjere. Ajo qe nuk perngjan lidhet me personalitetin per te cilin behet fjale.  Janaqi ishte vec te tjereve,  jo se ishte i mbinatyrshem,  por per  faktin se natyra i kishte falur Atij njeriu cdo gje te mire qe mund te kete nje njeri.

Kete Opinion,  te cilin po e shkruaj sot,  per te mirin e te paqortueshmin Janaq Naun Jorgji,  nuk e kam formuar ne nje dite apo ne nje vit por ne rrjedhen e punes e te jetes tone te perbashket qe ne diten kur Ai shkeli ne Shkollen e Aviacionit Shqiptar e me pas kur sherbeu ne Regjimentin Lavdimadh te Helikoptereve,  derisa u nda nga jeta..

Jeta dhe puna per nje kohe te gjate ne aviacion,  pavaresisht nga detyrat qe kam kryer,  me kane pleksur e me kane perplasur me lloj – lloj njerezish;  nga ata me prerje e me qasje pozitive;  nuk kane munguar dhe  te tjere, me prerje e me qasje negative.  E them, acik e me kompetence se Janaq Naun Jorgji ishte nje “model ”,  nga ata qe duhen njohur e  duhen ndjekur. Tere qenia e tij shkelqente dhe rrezatonte shume dashuri;  miresi e dashamiresi. Nje korrektesi per t’u patur zili pershkonte sjelljen e Tij fisnike.

Janaq Naun Jorgji shquhej per edukate te shendoshe qytetare;  per sjellje te kulturuar;  per shpirt e zemer te mire.  Qetesia „ olimpike “; maturia;  durimi;  te qenit i arsyeshem e i dobishem,  ishin vlerat e Tij te vecanta.  Janaqit nuk mund ti beje ndonje verejtje esenciale pervec faktit qe ishte me i mire nga sa duhej.  Thjeshtesia dhe ciltersia ia zbukuronin mjaft portretin Atij njeriu te rralle.  Per Janaqin;  po – ja ishte po dhe jo – ja;  jo.  Oportunitetin dhe servilizmin Ai njeri nuk i njihte.  Kisha rastisur kur i caktohej nje detyre ajrore.  Ne pergjigjen e tij,  Janaqi ishte i prere e i sakte.  Ai pergjigjej: „ Po ! –  e bej “ ose  „Nuk eshte per mua “!  Dy fjale,  ndajne boten,  perseriste shpesh Naqja.

Janaq Naun Jorgji,  se c’kishte nje sjellje te „mendafshte “,  ne pune e ne shoqeri.  Nuk e besoj te gjendet nje njeri qe te kete polemizuar,  kot se koti,  me ate burre.  Ne cdo diskutim apo kur behej replike,  Janaqi merrte anen e te drejtes dhe te pozitives e i mbronte ato;  me argumente te pakundershtueshme. Pergojimet e te tjereve;  thashethemet dhe ligesia ishin te huaja per Janaq Jorgjin.  Sjellja e Tij  prej njeriu – njeri,  te bente ti vije giishtin kokes e te bije ne mendime.  Janaqi,  edhe kur te qortonte,  kritiken e shoqeronte me fjalen e mire e inkurajuese aq sa,  atij qe kritikohej i ngjante sikur po e ledhatonin. 

Ne cdo debat dhe kur diskutoheshin ceshtje me rendesi,  Janaqi nuk nxitohej  kurre,  per te folur i pari apo nder te paret.  Ai e kishte „ bluar “ mire ne koke,  para se te fliste  dhe,  pa bere buje e zhurme dhe pa nxjerre gjoksin,  qete  – qete e qarte,  thoshte mendimin e tij.  Te pranishmit e ndiqnin me vemendje diskutimin e tij mbasi e dinin qe nga goja e Tij do te buronin fjale me vlere,  jo brockulla.

Nuk e teproj po te them se Janaq Jorgji ishte nje njeri i bere me mase.  Ai njeri,  kudo e kurdohere,  per cdo problem ruante masen.

Nuk kishte preferenca  te vecanta ne te ushqyer e nuk ishte hames.  Janaqi konsumonte ushqimet qe i servireshin,  mes te cileve kish perparesi,  por,  ne cdo rast,  Ai ruante masen.  Makuterine,  Ai njeri nuk e njihte.  Ne kete qasje te Tij,  mesiguri qe ka pas ndikimin e vete edhe te qenit,  per nje kohe te gjate,  pilot dhe te ushqyerit e Tij shendetshem,  me nje racion ditor te pasur e te ekuilibruar,  mbi baza te mirefillta shkencore.

Plot sqime ishte Ai njeri.  Shtati elegant i  Tij,  veshja e zgjedhur,  petkat e tij te preferuara,  te cilat i  kishin lezet benin te ndrite ai shtat.  Janaqi nuk ishte njeri i kapardisjeve te kota  e nuk shiste mend.  Janaq Jorgji i perkiste njerezve qe dine te ulen,  si ne poltrone luksoze dhe ne nje vater ku eshte shtruar rrogoz.

Janaq Jorgji ishte i rritur ne komunitet.  Ai „linte koken “ per shoket dhe per shoqerine.  Per ate njeri familja dhe shoqeria nuk kishin ndonje gardh,  te pakapercyeshem.  Janaqi ishte i  gjindur e i  dritheruar, kur shoku i  tij vuante.  Te rriturit mes shokesh te mire,  sic eshte shoqeria ne aviacion,  ia shtuan tolerance  tolerantit ne shpirt.

Me thjeshtesine,  me mencurine dhe me durimin,  me te cilet ishte i  mbrujtur,  si dhe me horizontin e me njohurite e thella ne shkencen e fluturimit,  Janaqit i  takonte,  jo rralle te lunate rolin e “filtrit ” apo te “amortizatorit ”,  ne shoqeri.  E kishte te veshtire,  Janaq Jorgji,  te nxirrte nje fjale te keqe per dike;  prandaj e donin dhe e nderonin,  te gjithe.

Ne ajer,  Janaqi ishte i qete e i sakte.  Me qetesine e tij „ olimpike “,  Janaqi,  shpesh,  ne fluturime te veshtire,  kthehej ne ekuiliber,  e neutralizonte ndonje anetar te ekipazhit,  te hedhur e kapricioz i papermbajtur.  Janaqi ishte i sakte dhe zbatonte,  pike per pike,  rregulloret e fluturimit dhe ato teknike.  Ai ishte rregullorja vete.  Pjeset materiale te helikopterit MI – 4,  Ai i  njihte dhe i  shfrytezonte,  me competence. Problemet teorike te fluturimit dhe kapacitetet teknike,  Janaqi i  zoteronte mjaft mire;  Ai ishte i  kulturuar,  ne toke e ne ajer,  i  sakte e i  “bute ” ne veprimet me komandat e helikopterit.  Rajonin e fluturimeve,  ne te gjithe territorin e Republikes e njihte me pellembe;  thuajse ishte i  lindur ne te gjithe Shqiperine.

Nese nuk i  ndihej zeri,  si ne repart dhe jashte tij,  kjo fale karakterit te tij te vecante;  vetepermbajtjes  dhe prirjes per te mos nxjerre gjoksin.  Janaq Naun Jorgji ishte nje permetar model e mjaft i  kendshem ne marredhenie shoqerore;  Ai ishte nga ata njerez,  per te cilet,  populli ka thene:” Urte e bute e plot tiganin ”.  Naqja ishte i  njejti njeri,  si ne Repart dhe jashte tij,  si dhe ne jeten e Tij vetjake.  Nuk behej fjale per dyzim ne qasjen e atij “ engjelli ”.  Sjellja e embel e tij ishte zgjatim i karakterit te tij burreror.

Me ulin nga Sheperi i Zagorise,  Janaqi dukej sikur ishin dy binjake te lindur per njeri – tjetrin.  Nuk mund ta them me siguri;  cili prej tyre ka ndikuar me teper tek tjetri.  Ata ishin shume te lidhur e kujdeseshin shume per shoqi – shoqin.  Kur i  takonim ne rruge,  gezoheshim shume kur i  veshtronim si dy pellumba.  Ata nuk ndaheshin nga njeri  – tjetri;  vetem mortja mizore i  mori njeri pas tjetrit,  brenda disa ditesh.  Per here te fundit,  Janaqin e pashe ne fund te Liqenit Artificjal te Tiranes;  tek lokali i  Baromit,  nga Sauku.  Ishte ne shoqerine e dy moshatareve te tij.  Ata bisedonin per aviacionin,  gje qe me beri kurioz,  prandaj e hodha veshtrimin andej. Sic duket, Naqja nuk me pikasi;  e lashe ne te tijen.  Kohet e fundit,  kur jam takuar me te  e kam shkembyer disa fjale,  kam vene re se i  kishte ikur humori e optimizmi.  Nuk e reklamonte semundjen e rende qe e kishte kapluar e i  mori jeten.  Ndarja e Janaq Jorgjit,  nga jeta ishte nje goditje e rende,  e befte dhe e parakoheshme. Kur e mesova „ gjemen “ nuk doja ta besoja.  E mesova rastesisht por nuk mund te mos shkoja per ta takuar per te fundit here,  edhe ashtu te pajete;  te ftohte akull. Etakova ashtu por gjendja ime fizike nuk me lejonte ta percillja ne banesen e fundit.

Gjema mori permasa me te medha,  kur,  gati pas nje jave u shua,  ne heshtje  – Uli.  Aq shume jane dashur ata dy shpirtra sa nuk mund te jetonin pa njeri – tjetrin.

Nuk paskam deshire ta perfundoj kete opinion,  por jam i shtrenguar tju le vend shokeve te tjere,  kolegeve dhe miqve te shumte qe beri cifti gjate jetes.  Le te shkruajne dhe ata qe duan te shkruajne dhe  mesiguri qe kane cfare te shkruajne e te skalitin portretet e dy njerezve te rralle.  Janaqi i ngjante nje miniere,  ne te cilen,  sa me thelle te avancosh me germime,  aq me teper mineral nxjerr.

Shkrojti Niazi Xhevit Nelaj,  mik i  Janaq e Uli Jorgjit Shkruar ne Tirane,  me 23 maj 2022 rreth ores 21.00

Telashet e atij qe shkruan

Nuk qenka e lehte te shkruash. Ne vecanti,  kur shkruan per te tjere,  te cilet nuk jane ne jete dhe kur bashkekohesit e tyre „ kane ikur “. Kerkeses per te rrefyer ne nje material te shkruar  te verteten ( ate te vertete qe njeh autori ),  me te gjitha kerkesat ben te domosdoshme te kesh njohuri te sakta e te plota, ne fushen e letrave dhe ne shkenca te ndryshme.  Sidomos kerkohet njohje ne fushen e historise,  te psikologjise,  te jete gazetar e analist e ku ta di une se cfare.  Kush mendon se njeriut te letrave i mjafton vetem te nxije letrat e njerezit do ta lexojne,  pa gjetur ne shkrim ate qe u intereson,  le ta provojne.

Lexo të plotë

Zemerimi i njeriut te Perendise

E kam thene dhe e perserit,  vazhdimisht:  Voskopojen e dua shume dhe e lakmoj. Thuajse cdo vit shkoj ne ate vend te lashte e turistik per te percjelle pushimet verore.  Me ngjan vetja sikur jam voskopojar  edhe pse fshatin tim e dua shume e nuk e nderroj me asnje tjeter.  Vajtja shpesh ne ate fshat –  qytet ka lene gjurme te mira ne qenien time dhe nje lloj vartesie.

Lexo të plotë

Gezim Barjami


Ne Aviacionin Shqiptar,  qe nga fillimet e tij ( behet fjale per periudhen e pas Luftes se Dyte Boterore ) kane vene nga nje tulle,  ne murin ku ai u ngjit,  e kapi maja te papara,  mjaft aviacioniste:  pilote,  teknike,  e specialiste te te gjithe llojeve. Po te rrekeshim te  krahasonim nivelet e kohes per te cilet behet fjale,  me ato te sotmit,  krahasimet jane te veshtire mbasi diferencat jane te dukshme.  Dicka qe rralle e me rralle po e ndeshim sot;  ca me pak do ta gjejme me rrjedhjen e kohes.  Nuk eshte enigme,  por eshte nje dukuri,  e cila zor se njihet e deshira per ta njohur,  sa vete e zbehet.  Behet fjale,  jo per nivelin e aftesite tekniko – shkencore,  por per perkushtimin e njerezve,  ne detyre,  per shpirtin e tyre te sakrifices,  per merakun qe kishin ata burra,  te cilet nuk i merrte gjumi kur dicka nuk shkonte si duhet ne teknike.  Sakrificat e tyre pambarim,  i kane qemtuar e i kane pasqyruar shume nga bashkekohesit e mi dhe te atyre viteve te „ zjarrte “.  Do te shkruaj,  me vullnet te lire,  por dhe me perunjje,  per ata qe vune themelet e aviacionit tone dhe qe mbajten mbi supe, pune te renda e mjaft te veshtira per ata supe te brishte.  Ne kete shkrim modest dua te evokoj jeten dhe punen  e njerit nga ata qe theksova me lart,  i cili dha ate qe kishte te veten,  me  ndjenje pergjegjesie te rralle per detyren.  Gezim Barjamin e kane njohur ne pune e ne jete,  pak njerez nga ata qe jane ne jete,  mbasi shoket e tij,  te profesionit e te afert,  ka kohe qe nuk jane me  ne jete,  por, sidoqofte,  gjurmet e tij nuk mund te shlyhen,  mbasi jeton historia e ajo nuk vdes kurre. 

Lexo të plotë